BassRide - a format for identifying skilled users who correctly and competently manage their sound system. It is carried out in the form of elimination measurements in pairs. Participation is only in class 129.99.

Procedure of measurement

The participant is given 30 seconds to get the arithmetic average rsult within their class. Every second of the 30-second measurement, the sensor records the peak sound pressure in the vehicle(in white numbers), and the average value for the elapsed time (in green numbers) is displayed on the screen. 
Measurements of qualification and elimination are rounded to HUNDREDTHS.
Mandatory track for participation: Bass Mekanik-Bass Ballin' (without sine on one frequency). Track - gallery/br.mp3

Regulations of the measurement 
1. Registration
To register, you need to contact the organizers on place of competition. IF REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE, PARTICIPATION WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE.

2. Qualification (selection) of participants
After registration is qualification (selection) in the classes of participants (the measurements are in pairs). 2 attempts of measurement are given, the best result is taken into account. As a result of qualification 8 participants with the best results are selected.

3. Elimination measurements
After qualification, the participants are divided into pairs. In each measurement of the pair, the winner is the one who showed a higher result and did not exceed the maximum of his class at any time of measurement. Measurements of the pair are carried out up to 2 victories of one participant.
IMPORTANT: the winners of the pair after leaving the site need to be close to the car for the challenge to the next stage.

4. Prize challenge

As a result of elimination (qualification) there are 4 participants of a semi-final, measurements of two pairs are carried out. The loser in each pair of semi-finals compete for 3rd place. The winners of each pair of semifinals play 1st and 2nd place.



  • Exceed the maximum (130.00) on the qualifications - CAN, measurements on the shootout - NOT.
  • The maximum frequency recorded by the sensor in the offset peak pressure-120 Hz.
  • The maximum idle speed of the engine must not exceed 2500 rpm.
  • To measure, use only the music track Bass Mekanik-Bass Ballin '(without sine on one frequency) (link above)
  • Sound generators and any devices simulating a real sound signal are prohibited.
  • The audio material must be played through the speakers in the participant's car.
  • Organizers of the format are forbidden to participate in the stages of the competition.

Revision of the rules as of 30.09.2019
©Copying, reproduction, distribution or other use of the material without the written permission of the organizers is not allowed.