LowCost Limit - more interesting and hard version of the LCS format, designed for experienced beginners and competitors.

Participation occurs ONLY in one class Limit Trunk (acoustic design of all subwoofer speakers is within the original luggage compartment AND not higher than 15 cm from the bottom line of the glazing), taking into account the category of budget subwoofer speakers


Procedure of measurement

The participant is given 2 attempts of measurement for 30 seconds each (without preparation). The pressure sensor is located inside the windshield 30 cm from the right front pillar and 10 cm from the dashboard. Power metering sensors are installed on the acoustic wires, linked subwoofer with amps. Sound pressure is measured in the range up to 50 Hz inclusive. The score is the maximum result of 2 attempts without exceeding the power in accordance with the budget category of subwoofer speakers.


  1. Budget subwoofers up to 10000 rubles inclusive - power limit 2500 Watts
  2. Budget subwoofers up to 20,000 rubles inclusive - power limit 2000 Watts
  3. Budget subwoofers up to 30,000 rubles. inclusive- power limit 1750 Watts
  4. Budget subwoofers up to 50,000 rubles inclusive - power limit of 1500 Watts
  5. Budget of subwoofers is more than 50000 rubles - power limit is 1000 Watts

The cost of the budget category consists of the amount of RRP (recommended retail prices in rubles on the date of measurement) of all subwoofer speakers (connected in the audio system).

The RRP of each component is calculated based on the following source PRIORITY:
1. The official website of the manufacturer in the domain. RU.
2. Large online stores and portals dedicated to car audio (for example magnitola.ru, loudsound.ru etc.).
3. Small and medium-sized local online shops of car audio (representatives of shops are located in the settlement where measurements are carried out).
4. The official website of the manufacturer of the component in its own domain zone (the price is calculated in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of measurements).

5. Foreign online stores and portals (the price is calculated taking into account delivery to Russia in rubles at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of measurements)


The cost of manually assembled components is calculated by the RRP of the donor whose motor (magnet, magnetic cores, core) is used in the product.
If it is impossible to determine the cost of the component according to the above rules - its cost is equal to 100,000 rubles.

In contentious valuation situations, priority is given to the higher price.



  • Acoustic enclosure and connected subwoofers must be within the original Luggage compartment and not more than 15 cm from the bottom line of the glazing (subwoofers in the inverted state do not affect the height)
  • All sound material must be played through loudspeakers.
  • It is forbidden to use pyrotechnic products, compressed air, etc. in order to improve your result.
  • It is forbidden to move audio system components from one vehicle to another during the whole competition.
  • Prohibited sound generators and any other devices and devices that simulate a real sound signal.
  • The participant is not given a re-measurement for ANY reason.
  • On the refereeing, you need to install the rear seat backrest in the standard position.
  • During the judging, the participant must be in the car.
  • Organizers of the format are forbidden to participate in the stages of the competition.


  • Measurements are made in any position of the doors and without taking into account the people holding the car.

  • Any music/test material can be used.

  • Any strengthening of a body and glasses are allowed.

  • It is allowed to remove / change elements of salon and their position on measurement.


Disputable situation​​​​​​​

  • In contentious valuation situations, priority is given to the higher price.
  • Any component of the subwoofer link must be available for inspection by judges.
  • Participation fee after registration is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • When the result of two participants is the same, priority is given to the result with the lower frequency. If both the result and the frequency are the same,priority is given to the result with less power.
  • Re-measurement occurs ONLY in case of technical problems with the measuring equipment.

Revision of the rules of 29.08.2019
©Copying, reproduction, distribution or other use of the material without the written permission of the organizers is not allowed.​​​​​​​