Our format of SPL competition is created on March 10, 2017. We will tell in what an essence and than we differ from the others.

There are many types of separation of participants in competitions in SPL. Basically, the division is by the size/number of sub speakers, the power of amplifiers, alterations in the car and even limiting the power supplied to the sub link. It is no secret that beginners with inexpensive components are difficult to compete in the same class with rivals who have invested in the system a lot of money, and also have more experience.

In this regard, we wanted to create a new classification that will equalize such participants and give them an incentive to improve the result on the existing "hardware". We decided to divide the participants into classes based only on the retail value of the components that are decisive for the result. This are cut off expensive system (especially popular in the last time demo-cars/autosound studio's cars / sponsorship autos) and gives more chance beginners lovers of SPL.

During the 2017-2019 seasons, 27 stages of sound pressure measures and 5 competitions were held, more than 700 participants were measured! We are waiting for You at our events!